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HR departments have a lot on their plate. Increasingly, HR managers are turning to sophisticated software, tools, services, and apps to make their jobs easier. If your business has a solution that could solve a common HR pain point, then you will naturally want to get it in front of HR managers across the industry. A detailed HR email list will help you accomplish this goal, but how can you go about building one?

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Smart and live data

Contacts are tracked and their information is updated as they move roles. Instead of simply buying an email list, you are accessing business intelligence. 

Profile Selection

Identify contacts by advanced firmographic and demographic profiling. Select business function and preferred industry to start building your perfect prospect list.

Geographic Regions

Leadiro covers over 90 countries globally – from America to Zambia and everything in-between.

Technology Install base

Leadiro has access to the largest repository of technology installation information in the world. Covering over 6500 different products worldwide, our intelligence enables you to drive highly resonating marketing campaigns.

Powering ABM Campaigns

Leadiro powers ABM campaigns by allowing you to pre-load targets into the Leadiro platform at lightning speed.

Instant Access

With instant access to over 44 million live B2B data records, you can easily identify prospects that are most likely to buy from you now.

 Tim Skarratt 

 Founder & Director, 461 Solutions 

Leadiro gives us immediate access to excellent B2B database across over 75 countries, what’s more, the accuracy and email delivery are the best we have found.

 Badis Khalfallah 


Leadiro is the best-kept secret in the world of email marketing. Their data just keeps getting better and better.

Nick Washbourne

Commercial Director, Force24

At Force24 we acquire a good amount of prospect data for our own and our client campaigns. For global marketing and IT contacts, there is no-one better, in terms of coverage and accuracy.

Human Resources is a continually evolving field

Human Resources is a continually evolving field that acts as the lifeblood of many organizations. Entrusted with everything from employee on-boarding to benefits and pay to managing confidential employee data. At Leadiro, we frequently work with B2B companies to help them build their human resources contact lists. If you need an HR email list you can use to start pitching your product or service; we are here to help you build it.

Find HR professionals that meet your criteria

At Leadiro, we frequently work with B2B companies to help them build their human resources contact lists. If you need an HR email list you can use to start pitching your product or service; we are here to help you build it.

You will also find that each of our contact entries is extremely thorough. An HR database from Leadiro is way more than just a collection of human resources emails. You will get names and emails, of course, but you will also get details about job title, job level or type, company name, industry, the number of employees at the company, and the business’s geographic location. With all this information at your fingertips, you will be able to pre-qualify your leads and build a list of HR executives based on which contacts fit into your target audience.

We have over 1,200,000 HR contacts in our database

Leadiro’s contact databases span many industries, not just human resources. If you access our database and input “HR” in the job function search bar, you will find 1.2 million contacts spanning 120,000 companies. Our lists aren’t just lists of HR directors or managers, either. On the contrary, our database will show you contacts at all levels of HR, including directors, managers, VPs, consultants, and more.

Range of features, not just a list of hr executives

Often, the practice of purchasing email contact lists gets a bad rap. At Leadiro, we do our best to transcend the expectations of our industry. Here are just a few factors that set us apart from other companies that may be selling HR managers databases:

1. Live Updating: All Leadiro databases feature live updating, to ensure data accuracy and usability. They reflect the latest personnel moves, job changes, promotions, departures, and more.

2. Easy Targeting: With so much data to parse in each list, Leadiro makes it easy to target big companies, small companies, specific geographic regions, or any other subsets of the market.

3. Multiple Contact Points: Instead of just being a list of HR email addresses, Leadiro databases provide multiple contact points (including email and phone number) that you can use to get in touch with leads.

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